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Magical Awakening Practitioner Training

with Justin K Prim

Magical Awakening is one of the most powerful and yet playful forms of Divine energy healing available on the planet. Practitioners who learn the first level of this nine level system will gain skills far beyond what most energy healers can do; sending energy to large groups of people simultaneously and at a distance.

Based on an ancient concept in Celtic Shamanism called the Three Cauldrons, or primary energy wheels, the first level of Magical Awakening awakens these three energetic wheels within our own energy system, allowing us to harness energy from them to heal ourselves and others. You will activate these three energy cauldrons and learn how to use this Divine healing magical force on yourself, in your life, and for healing others, and the planet. The use of Magical Awakening deepens your connection to all life, as well as to the mysterious forces that surround us and are part of us. This energy is specifically designed to realign human beings with the natural world, and release the illusion of being separate from the Divine intelligence, that is the root of all life. This spiritual healing system can work on physical, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease, by awakening us back into knowing our place of unity with the Divine and with all life that springs forth from the Divine, including mythological aspects of Divine intelligence where often our greatest power resides.

Justin K Prim is an energy healer, a workshop leader, and a spiritually focused artist. He has studied extensively in the spiritual arts and is one of only a handful of teachers in the Magical Awakening spiritual healing lineage. Justin brings these tools along with many years of experience, adventure, and the help of his guides, Merlin and The Lady of the Lake, to his healing practice and classes in San Francisco, Chicago, and at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Level 1 Practitioner Training cost: $200.00
To find out more, email justinkprim@gmail.com
and visit http://magicalawakening.net
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