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Pilgrimage 2015


In June of 2015 I came to the UK for six months to begin the quest for the Heart of Merlin. This is a visual representation of that journey that I document in my blog and my book.


Lady of the Lake in the Tate

Another depiction of the water goddess in the Tate

Channel of Merlin, James Philip

Druid image in Chislehurst Cave



The ancient Earthwork outside of old St George's

The well in the hill

The crypt of St George's where Geoffrey of Monmouth might have lived and written.

The last remaining wall of Osney Abbey where Geoffrey of Monmouth might have lived

A visit to John Matthews for an interview

Pre-Raphaelite Arthurian murals in Oxford College old Student Center

Arthurian Dinner Party in Count Tolstoys private library


Waylands Smithy / Uffington White Horse

Wayland's Smithy

Smithy pt 2

Uffington White Horse, ancient and made of chalk



The seal of Marlborough "Where now lies the bones of wise Merlin"

Merlin's Hill

Merlin's Hotel!




St Michael's Tower on the Tor

The wellspring at the Chalice Well. Sacred waters.

Wearyall Hill where Joseph of Arimethea planted his staff and it grew

A brief encounter with illustrator Alan Lee

After my interview with RJ Stewart

A fun interview with Geoffrey Ashe and his wife Patricia.

The Tor!


Cadbury Castle

A distant view of the flat topped hill that once held Cadbury Castle, maybe Camelot?

The well on the side of the castle hill


Tintagel Castle


Wales Portion:

Beddgelert / Dinas Emrys / Snowdonia / Llyn Lydaw

Dinas Emrys hill where Merlin prophesied to Vortigen

The ruins of the tower that kept falling

The top of Snowdonia after I almost died

Llyn Llydaw, home of the Lady of the Lake in Wales



Pillar of Eliseg, one which is recorded the name of Vortigern

Dinas Bran, Grail Castle

More ruins and Dinas Bran


Liverpool / Alderly Edge

Famous Merlin painting outside of Liverpool

Alderly Edge, the rock face with the spring and carving

Close up of the Carving

Another pool and fountain where a monk used to stand guard

Where wizards drink their ale


Little Doward

Another possible site of Dinas Emrys but I wasn't buying it

King Arthur's Cave



"Geoffrey's Window" The site where Geoffrey of Monmouth went to school as a child

Commemorating Geoffrey, author of the History of the Kings of Britain and the Vita Merlini

A tapestry depicting moments in the life of Geoffrey of Monmouth

Exhibit at the local museum



Possibly King Arthurs Round table?

Hilltop fort that was another possible site for Camelot


National Library of Wales

They let me look at this copy of The History of the Kings of Britain from the late 1200's



First few lines of the Merlin "Appletree" poem in Welsh on the highstreet

Merlin's Hill

Merlin Statue downtown Carmarthen

Merlin's lane and the dog I was taking care of

Interview healer Keith Mapson


Scotland Portion:

Arthuret/ Moat of Liddel/ Arderydd / Caer Gwenddolau

Entering Lailoken territory

Sacred well behind Arthuret Church

The waters of the Carwannok/Carwinley near the battle of Arfderydd

The field below Gwenddolau's fort, where the battle might have occured

Liddel Strength / Gwenddolau's fort, now overgrown

Lochmaben Stone


Hart Fell

Count Nikolai Tolstoy at Hart Fell Spring

Entrance to the spring

View from Hart Fell

Tolstoy and I in the spring

Forest at the bottom of Hart Fell, to get an idea of what kind of wood Lailoken might have lived in

Nikolai and Jan Hogarth talking about Merlin on Hart Fell

Jan's water quest from Hart Fell makes the paper with my picture

Jan and I wrote an article about the hike with Tolstoy for the paper with my pic


Strobo Kirk Church / Drumelzier

Stained glass of Merlin Lailoken and Kentigern

Ancient altar stone

Merlin's grave at Drumelzier

The plaque


Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh Castle, whose hill has some Arthurian connections..the fortuitious mountain

Interviewed Adam Ardery

The fountain where Adam Ardrey thinks that Lailoken met the Lady of the Lake



Glasgow Cathedral, the site where Lailoken wailed from a hill and interrupted service at the ancient church

Seal of Glasgow, depiciting the fish and the ring story, Merlin' sister was the queen!



Cadzow earthworks, where the young Merlin Lailoken and his sister might have played as a child



Dumbarton Rock, where the king of Strathclyde used to reside

Merlin Lailoken was emprisoned at Dumbarton Rock by his sister and her husband King Rhydderch

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