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Justin K Prim is an energy healer, a workshop leader, and a spiritually focused artist. He has studied extensively as a clairvoyant at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco and trained as a shamanic healer with Joan Forest Mage at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago and John Perkins of the Dream Change Coalition. He is a teacher in the Magical Awakening® spiritual healing modality. He holds a certification of Mediumship from Delphi University and is a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage. Justin brings these tools along with many years of experience, adventure, and the help of his guides, Merlin and The Lady of the Lake, to his healing practice and classes.

Justin practices out of ActivSpace in San Francisco, CA, The Sacred Well in Oakland, CA and is a visiting teacher and healer at the Omega Institute, NY and at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago, IL. To inquire about an event at your venue, please email.

Services Offered:

Intuitive Energy Reading

Intuitive Energy Readings are a very personal transmission of information, unique to the client. They aim to be inspirational, powerful, transformative, and insightful. Often, the information will center around life purpose, current choices, clarity in situations and relationships, and unravelling patterns and energy that no longer serve us.

As a spiritual channel, Justin tunes into the clients energy-information aura. With the help of Spirit in the form of spirit guides, angels, and ascended teachers, he allows the communication to flow in the form of words, pictures, and sensations.

The reading is transmitted in the context of an energy healing. The client is fully clothed and lying down for maximum lucidity. Justin uses the Magical Awakening® energy healing modality to provide a foundation for the reading and is able to use healing tools to work on the client when the reading indicates it would be beneficial. This treatment accesses ancient elemental Earth energy to work on the illusion of spiritual separation from Divinity that causes illness and unhappiness.

Justin is professionally trained and experienced in a range of intuitive skills including mediumship, psychic intuition, channeling, and shamanic journeying.

A typical session is about 60 minutes.

Magical Awakening Practitioner Training

Magical Awakening® is a modern energy healing and awakening system from the lineage of Merlin and Lady of the Lake. It's based on the ancient Celtic mythological concept of the Three Cauldrons. These three primary energy centers within us maintain our health; keeping us aligned with our true calling and our relationship to the Divine.

From the start of their Magical Awakening training, practitioners learn tools to work toward spiritual awakening by releasing karmic debris from ones own energy system. As training progresses to higher levels, practitioners learn how to heal at multi-dimensional levels, how to access elemental energies for accelerated healing, and how to work with Divine consciousness for deep nurturing, restorative healing, emotional release and spiritual transformation.

Level one is suitable for complete beginners to spiritual healing and also for those with some experience with other healing modalities like Reiki, Vortex, Healing Touch, etc. There are eight levels offering many tools for clearing, healing, aligning to divine purpose, and spiritual awakening.

To experience the Magical Awakening energy, attend one of the Karmic Zap Group Healings! Justin is one of only nine Magical Awakening teachers in the world and the only one on the West Coast.

For more details on practitioner training, click here.
For more information on Magical Awakening, please visit MagicalAwakening.net
Magical Awakening® is a service mark owned by Brett Bevell

Magic of Merlin Group Healing Circle

Bring the mysteries of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake into your life. Join Justin K Prim for an evening of shared magic and healing. This modern wizard healer will present an introduction to the deep healing modalities formed from the lineage of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake, followed by a powerful transformational group healing. This is your chance to begin to clear emotional blockages, help relieve stress, and nurture your spirit as you open your heart to the wonder of your life and deepen your spiritual connection by empowering your own magical path.

Karmic Zap Group Energy Healing

Relax and receive spiritual energies from the lineage of Merlin and Lady of the Lake. This healing is specifically focused on clearing stuck energy within the deeper karmic and spiritual auric bodies.

Often the root causes of our most stubborn issues are held deeply within our karmic body, so no matter how much we transform the physical symptoms or emotional and mental aspect, the issue may return from the karmic root-cause. 

This technique works to healing these chronic issues at the root level. Other benefits include physical healing, finding ones true path in life, and gaining a deeper relationship to the Divine.

For more information on the Magical Awakening® energy system, please visit MagicalAwakening.net

The Magic of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake: Lore, Wisdom & Energy Work
Explore the lore and legend of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. Justin will take you through fact and fiction, history and legend, physical and non-physical in the exploration of these archetypal male and female teachers. Bringing wisdom from Druidic Priests and the Goddess Priestess tradition, along with his personal training in the magical lineages of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake, Justin will present a fun workshop that mixes lore, magic, and energy work. Everyone in attendance will receive a healing.

Lightworkers Bootcamp

Lightworkers Bootcamp is a 50-hour intensive healers training program. Over the course of a month, students will learn and array of healing and divination techniques. The training includes extensive Psychic Meditation tools and techniques that are useful for energetic protection and spiritual maintenance. The students will also get introduced and attuned to the healing energies of Reiki I, along with an attunement and training in the symbols of Reiki II. Alongside this, we will be doing numberous shamanic journeys to meet guides and do soul level healings. Students will also get introduced to the art of crystal healing and intuitive crystal layouts and grids. Certification concludes with students performing complete healing sessions on each other.

Psychic Development

In this long term training program, students will learn basic and advanced psychic meditation and healing techniques. Topics include grounding and centering, creating an inner sanctuary, running earth and cosmic energy, owning spaces, cleansing inner and outer spaces, aura manipulation, psychic protection, de-energizing pictures, chakra clearing and cleansing, releasing energy, manifesting, psychic healing, cutting psychic cords, healing guides, and more.

The Magic of Harry Potter - A Journey into the Soul

This one hour workshop takes you deep into the magical world of your own soul with the help of some fun characters and settings from the enchanted realms of Harry Potter. In this meditation, we will journey into some of our darkest corners and use our personal magic to slay our individual demons. We will dig deep to find out what is stopping us from being our own highest potential and will meet our spiritual guides along the way to help us with our journey. The visualizations of this meditation are assisted by Magical Awakening spiritual energy to enhance the experience and deepen the healing process. Merlins Beard!

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