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I have several UK group pilgrimages planned that take 5-7 days each. Each adventure would include visiting the sacred sites, daily guided meditations, group energy work, and other fun and holistic activities. If you are interested in having Justin lead your group on a sacred adventure, please email me.

A video poem I made presenting some sites you might see on a Merlin adventure.

A Scottish adventure would include:

Caer Gwendollau - Where the battle of Arfderydd happened in 573AD and Merlin Lailoken went mad.
Hart Fell - Where Merlin Lailoken lived as a mad man. Drink from the spring that cured Lailokens madness.
Stobo Kirk Church - View a beautiful Stained Glass window of Merlin getting blessed by St Kentigern
Merlin's Grave at Drumelzier - A tree and plaque marks the spot where the Scottish Merlin was laid to rest
Glasgow Cathedral - Where Merlin wailed from the Necropolis and interupted St Kentigerns church service
Dumbarton Rock - Where Merlin was imprisoned under the care of his sister and her husband Rhydderch Hael

A Welsh adventure would include:

Bangor - Visit the Arthurian Library
Dinas Emrys
- Where Merlin Emrys counciled Vortigern and where the Red Dragon on the Welsh flag originated
Snowdownia - Climb the tallest mountain in Wales and visit several Arthurian connections
Llyn Lydaw - The coldest Lake in Wales and one of the homes of the Lady of the Lake
Llangollen - Visit a Grail Castle and an ancient monument that lists the name of Vortigern
Alderly Edge - See a wizard face carved above an ancient spring and drink at the Wizard of Edge pub

An English adventure would include:

Oxford - See where the original Arthurian stories were written and also view Arthurian Murals
Avebury Stone Circle
- Largest Stone Circle in the UK
Silbury Hill / West Kennet Long Barrow - Impressive ancient monuments collectively known as the Dragon
Stonehenge - Most famous and most impressive Stone Circle in the world
Glastonbury - Spiritual Vortex and pilgrimage place for thousands of years
Tintagel Castle - Epic ruined castle on the edge of a cliff and supposed birthplace of King Arthur

Past Pilgrimages Pictures:

2013: Southern England and Cornwall

2015: 4 Month Mega Merlin trip: England, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland

2015: The Quest for Tolstoy's Merlin (Day Hike with Quests and Retreats)

2016: Return to Scotland: Peebleshire, Stirling, Merlin's Grave II and Hart Fell

2016: Quest for Merlin: Hart Fell and The Battle of Arderydd (Day Hike with Quests and Retreats)

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